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Is the fourm being hosted at Sean House?

The Blind Wolf

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As the title ask.  I have the hardest time useing this fourm sombody can post and I can try to go to the topic, and somtimes I have to eep hitting F5 over and over and over for the page to even load up to read what was said.  Sometimes it don't work at all and takes a few hours before I can even look at what was said.   I know its not my end, cause everything else works fine.


So I'm thinking this is being hosted on a PC at Sean house.

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24 minutes ago, Sid Genetry Solar said:

It's handled by a forum company.  No local servers.

Well I can't see any of the reply on the new on about the guy who got his today and in a bus, I saw the first post, asked what kined of bus and he reply and it will not let me load that page up even after you posted on it, I restarte4d my computer, and everything else.   Its like I've been ban from that topic or something.


Sometimes like this topic I had to refreash three time to get to see your reply.  

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