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Setup Generators to the GS 6K Inverters.

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Generator start seems to be a bit of a specialized feature.  To be honest, in the case of the Champion 75537i, it looks like it would be easiest to hack the remote control, and wire the genstart outputs of the GS inverter to the "start" and "stop" buttons on the remote.  It looks like starting the generator from the switches on the side requires moving the choke lever, etc.--but if done remotely, that's automatically controlled.

Dunno, maybe you could ask Champion?   Seems I read that they provide free lifetime technical support.

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42 minutes ago, Sid Genetry Solar said:

If you can find a spare remote control for the generator, we might be able to cobble together an adapter to the GS inverter so it can auto start the generator (once I get that code written, haha!)

Well I'm ordering two new remotes, I don't know where my other two remotes are, I know I got them some where in the house.  I'm guessing its soldering  four wires two wire to each button to trip the button switch for the remote?  I did that back in the day with game remotes to build gameing dance pads.  Though I would probley have to mail you the remote if you don't mind to solder it up as that is more sighted work then I can do.

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