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More progress and feature additions...oh, I need to update the user manual too.  But there's just so much to do, I have to prioritize certain things over other things....

This release is for both Rev. A.1/B control boards and Rev. C control boards.  Sorry, I haven't had time to try to sort out the issue with the "PJ WiFi upgrade" kits, where the firmware update functionality no longer seems to work.  (It has to be a regression somewhere that I haven't found yet.)


Release notes:

  • Disable mobile "tap-to-zoom" in local server, so you can tap buttons without inadvertently zooming the page [bugfix: @kazetsukai]
  • Refactor "Radix" settings in "Appearance"
    • Add option for "Percent" readout on battery voltage based on UVP/OVP setpoints.  NOT AN SOC GAUGE! [GS customer request]
  • Refactor LCD driver to improve noise immunity
  • Add "DBAT" 'scope channel, allowing visualization of battery voltage sag under load/surge
  • [A.1/B] Add "output voltage regulation throttle" correction (for 120v single phase vs 240v split-phase output config).  This should hopefully solve the issues @The Blind Wolf is experiencing.
  • [A.1/B] Fix bug causing OVP Error to not work!
  • Significant work on Grid-Tie Master mode...DO NOT USE GTIs ON PRIOR FIRMWARE VERSIONS!  (Battery voltage regulation missing.) [significant help: @jony787]
    • enable GTM frequency shifting if AC Input is connected (GTM adjust has priority over Input Sync)
    • Add "Volt & Freq Sync" disable on AC Input screen, to bypass "sync flickering" when grid-connected but running on battery
    • enable "Charge" controls if GTM active (COMMAND screen)
  • Fix "Unlock Inverter" screen: buttons did not "mirror" when screen flipped.  [bug report: @Richard]
    • also add "BtnConfig" option to select between current "U/D/E" sequence and new "U/E/D" sequence (all new GS inverters will default to "U/E/D", but the option is present to switch between them.)
  • Add "invKWh" MQTT stat (only accumulates power produced from battery input)


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Hmph...came across a slight issue: for whatever reason, some of the internal settings bits aren't where I expected them to be.  It is possible that after the update, the key order may be flipped to "U/E/D", which is quite a mind trick.  (One WiFi board I tested flipped after update, while the other one didn't.  Don't know why.)

There's a setting in CFG -> Appearance -> BtnConfig to switch it back.  Apologies for any confusion resulting from this!

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While Sid knows, my washer sort of works. but, don't lol.  Also, both GS inverts make humming sounds now when under load, and when Idle the temps of the trns seems to be high when not under any load at all.


Pumpped out 4600k with both gs at same time, the slave went up to 3kw under load, no issue so far.


Had to reupdate one gs invter as the first time didn't take, could have been a mistake on my friend when makeing the gs update.


This is on a B board I think, Sid knows.  could be on A for all I know lol.

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