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Understanding Power Discharging or powering a item.

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Corrently me or explain to me if I got this right.  When discharging a item or battery, its going to come from the negative side of the item or battery, but when charging it pushing on the postive side of the item or battery?


Reason why I ask, is I noticed that my negative side of the battery wires and even from the GS inverter, seems to heat up even if its got the biggest wires then the postive side, as I seem to be able to pull nearly 300a from a normal car wire size cable and it don't heat up but the negative side even if its a 2awg cable seems to heat up if you pull the same power.


Or is it might be due to not enough  allow power to go through a connection if it limtied?  cause I think I might know whats going on, the one cable I noticed is going to a battery terminal instead of a buss bar that splits off to other batteries.  Either way I noticed this even happens on the solar charger, that the  positive side heats up more then the negative side since its pushing power to the battery.


Just odd how DC works.

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