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WiFi Settings & Rev C Output Display

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Noticed there are now many different options on the WiFi Settings page...nothing in the Owner's Manual...what are they?

My output ac amps and watts show as negative numbers...web page speedo sits at zero...any way to change this?

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I have been beyond swamped with too many things to do...updating the manual to the 1.2r0+ feature set and redesign of the LCD GUI, etc. has been on the list, but very far down on the list...

As far as power reporting as negative, see my response on your other post:


Web page (I'm assuming at wifi.genetrysolar.com, not the inverter's local server?) speedo should have "zero" in the 12 o'clock position for a Rev. C board, allowing for power registration in both the positive and negative directions.  If this isn't happening, then there may be refresh issue where the web page is not aware of the inverter's version--or a bug that I'm not aware of.

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