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18650's, Headway, HP spin pouch, Battery hook up 6ah cells.


I have a mix up puppy power wall.  *laughs*  Even got 12 31grouping lead batts, that I use to switch from the Lythuim bank to allow them to charge up while running of the lead.  Right now my whole living room is littered with batteries and wires and stuff, waiting for my two GS inverters to come in then mounting them on the wall and move all the batts back into the room.  Then I'll take a picture. I don't use but around 400 watts most all day, only spikes up when I use the microwave, ac/ heater or any cooking, other then that I'm cheap, the biggest energy draw I got is my heat pump center heat and air that has a heat strip and it sucks around 100 amps to run.  Which I hate useing I tend to use infred heaters now, since they don't draw around 1200.

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