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Hello: I'm building a new home I started 4/1/21, got moved in by 2/1/22 .... still finishing off some odds and ends and collecting parts for my grid-assist solar/wind system. I've got two PJ 10Kw inverters mounted on the wall and a bank of 8 oddesy PC2250 batteries wired for 48V. Still in the shed I have 16 165W solar panels that I hope to get installed sometime this summer. Future plans also include a wind turbine and perheps a micro hydro generator. Its all electric house with a geo-exchange heatpump and a heatpump water heater. So looking forward to getting some solar power going. 

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19 hours ago, Sid Genetry Solar said:

curious what the specs on those are??  Also, what you're thinking of for charge controllers?

Most of the full-size panels available these days are in the 250-350W range 😉.

Yeah, they are kind of old now, I had them left over from an old job where the customer refused them because they came out with higher watt ones before I delivered them to him. So I've kept them in storage for my retirement house build.... They are Schuco 24V panels, I got them wholesale way back in 2013 of sometime around then...

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