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12v inverter charge voltage too high


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Greetings from Cuba, I have a Power Jack 5000w/110v split phase inverter which, when it is put into charge mode, the voltage levels it gives are higher than the standard for a 12v battery, that is, in absorption mode it generates a voltage of 15.4v when it should generate 14.4v and in float mode it should generate 13.7v and remains at 15.1v. In which board is the problem and if you can adjust the parameters again. I would appreciate it very much since in this country it is very difficult to obtain parts to replace the broken ones

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10 hours ago, Ismel said:

In which board is the problem and if you can adjust the parameters again.

A lot depends on whether your inverter has the 10-position rotary blue knob.  If it does, I'd suggest trying another position on it, and see if you can get closer to the voltage you'd like.


A basic synopsis of the charge voltage setup in a PJ inverter is:

  • The CPU has hardcoded "charge setpoints", selected in software by the 10-position rotary blue knob (if present).  These cannot be changed.
  • The CPU regulates the above selected "setpoint" based on the battery voltage it reads.
  • The "battery under-volt adjust knob" (or whatever PJ calls it)--literally adjusts the battery voltage feedback to the CPU.  (Again--if your inverter has this knob too!)
    • this means that your "under voltage adjust knob" will adjust your battery charge setpoints simply by rotating it
    • there is no way to separate the battery charge regulation voltage from the undervolt/overvolt shutdown thresholds.
    • comically enough, several of the higher "charge setpoints" on the list are over the overvolt shutdown threshold.


A quick photo of the front of your PJ inverter would help a lot.

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