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Grid Tie Inverters, along side the GS inverters.

The Blind Wolf

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20 minutes ago, The Blind Wolf said:

Can a Grid Tie Inverter be used on the same system with a GS inverter?Can we use Grid Tie inverters along side the GS inverter on the same breaker?

Can and should are two different things. Yes you can once Sid has the code done for it as the GS inverters will be able to be grid tied also. But you shouldn't as each one should be protected by its own breaker. The only point where they should share a breaker is at the main panel where the commercial power comes in.

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Depends on the GS inverter setup.  The GS inverter will support 2 sides of "grid-tie" functionality (once code is done and fully tested).

  • Grid-Tie Master.  This is a fully automatic function that uses a fairly standard linear frequency shift to "throttle" down official grid-tie units as needed.  (If the grid-tie units can't linearly-throttle down, it won't work well; they'll just constantly get shut off and/or the GS inverter will shut down with an error.)  In theory--as yet untested--you just need a GS inverter and a battery bank to convert a (compatible) grid-tie system to an off-grid system.  (From what I understand, the batteries should be able to be charged from the reverse power flow from the grid-tie units, through the GS inverter.  This I have not experimented with...yet.)
  • Grid-Tie Slave.  This is most useable for parallel/"daisy-chain" of GS inverters.  Not super practical for "reversing the electric meter"--and until we are UL-listed, it's not legal, either.  Personally, I don't see why you'd want to connect an off-grid-capable system to the grid...get paid pennies on the dollar (at best) AND have the risk of losing your whole system if lightning hits the power lines.


27 minutes ago, Waterman said:

as each one should be protected by its own breaker

Fully agreed.

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Well. The one I'm talking about is useing a Solar to Grid, the 120v type, which would only do one L.  And yes, I heard it would feed back to the batteries like a charger if you go over the watts that is needed.  However, I got a 500watt 12v 120v GT and I basicly use that much.  Was thinking of useing more to help charge the batts and power the house when its on idel, so that way by the time sun set the batts are still full and can run all night, with no problem.


I've seen this done on a famous T.V. Show on you tube.  Forgot the t.v. show havn't seen him posted in a while, I'm surprise the guy is still alive, he like 300+ pounds and sounds like he can hardly breath.

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1 hour ago, The Blind Wolf said:

One problem I was wondering on doing that is the fact, over chargeing a battery system.  I highly doubt the GS inverter can stop the charging if the Grid Tie keeps over pumping the system.

That's what the Grid Tie Master mode is for: if charge is disabled, it will throttle the grid-ties all the way off if there is no load.  Charge settings must be set at the GS inverter for the desired battery charge.

Please note that the grid-tie master mode will be automatic; the GS inverter will indicate this from the screen if it recognizes a reversed power flow.  (GS inverter must be in "Normal" mode, not a synced "master" mode.)

A UL-listed grid-tie inverter should shut down if the input frequency is >62Hz.  Some grid-tie inverters will linearly throttle their maximum output down based on the input frequency between 60-62Hz. 

  • If a grid-tie inverter linearly throttles down, the GS "master" inverter can regulate the grid-tie system based on the loads and/or battery charge state. 
  • If a grid-tie inverter does not linearly throttle down (i.e. on/off), it likely will get immediately shut down by the GS inverter (>62Hz)
  • If the grid-tie inverter does not shut down with an AC input frequency >62Hz, the GS inverter will shut down.
    • If this still doesn't stop the grid-tie inverter...then you have a problem on your hands 🤯
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