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Nissan hybrid nickel cadmium module


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I picked up a  Nissan nickel cadmium battery pack of 250v  from my local yard after the conversion to my  24v need .and I am left wit some extras .I am curious to know if these extras can be beneficial. Does anyone know what are these attached pictures . Nothing came up from google.

Thanks for any advice.



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2 hours ago, Lener said:

Nothing came up from google.


Well, all of the items have Nissan internal part numbers on them--which would explain why nothing comes up on a public Google search.  (Not that I know what the Nissan internal numbers mean--just that a company can assign their own part numbering system to any part--and they don't have to publicly divulge any cross-reference.)


I'll just take some wild pot-shots at the parts, my best guess.  For the record, I cannot positively identify any of them--but I can take a guess!  Unfortunately this likely means that this page will become the only Google search result for these part numbers, despite only having verified guesses on it!


If there was context as to where the parts were located in the battery pack, that would shine CONSIDERABLE light as to what their function/purpose was.


UU21CL004 (second picture) -> assuming this is a type of fuse?  Perhaps a thermal breaker?  (The thin metal lines coming out of it hint at the latter.)

UU22CL002 (first picture) -> really no idea.  I doubt it's a switch.  If metal goes all the way through it or not, it could potentially be a current sense resistor.  But really isn't heavy enough for that.

FM50CL036 (first picture) -> appears to be some sort of low-power choke?  Definitely not intended for use on the main traction motor power!  (guesstimating 30A max?)  Maybe for something to do with the 12v system?

PM50TM005 (first picture) -> a wild guess here would be a very high-current transformer/choke, possibly intended for use with regen braking?  It's obviously going to require a fairly high frequency switching speed--there's a lot of copper (for current), but precious few turns around the ferrite core!

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