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Firmware Version 1.2r1

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Oh the joys of trying to do everything...there's a lot of work to do!  And I can only do one thing at a time...

Anyway, multiple months after releasing the milestone 1.2r0 update, I've become aware of several bugs/issues in it.  Time for another update, fixing those bugs + adding some more functionality...


Release notes:

  • [C] Fix bug where negative amperage calibration resulted in overflowed readings
  • Disable "Output Low" error on AC input (already handled by "power qualification" routine)
    • should help eliminate some ATS transition errors?
  • Fix "delayed menu change" (a frustrating regression resulting from the v1.2r0 menu handling redesign)
  • Allow temporary override of ATS automatic decisions [feature request: Oct 22, 2022]
    • A little "M" on the AC Input area of the OUT page indicates manual override
    • Override clears when AC Input is lost/disqualified ("M" will disappear, normal ATS behavior will resume).
  • Updates to STAT page
    • now shows session time percentages of Uptime/Ontime and Inv/AC
    • add ATS Count, showing the number of ATS transfers in the current session [feature request from 2021-11-12, likely @Sean Genetry Solar]
  • Add "instantaneous shutdown" if DC input voltage ever exceeds ~72v ("ERR:DC Overvoltage") [result from extensive conversation with @Steve]
    • This is an attempt to try to prevent inverter failure resulting from treacherous BMS disconnects when utilizing grid-tie-inverter backfeed charging
  • Adjusted terminology for "under voltage" and "over voltage" errors to "DC Volt Low" / "DC Volt High" respectively
    • trying to make it clearly different from the new "DC Overvoltage" error
  • Warranty-gate "FET Dead Time" and "BTY Amp Limit" settings; they will only be visible if the warranty is voided.  *AT YOUR OWN RISK!*  (Note that BTY Amp Limit is only available on inverters that have a GS-spec mainboard in them.)


Here's the main changes to the STAT page:


(The "ATS Count" is further down on the page.)


I probably should do more frequent smaller updates (fewer fixes/changes).  1.2r0 was released in August 2022...yeah, it's been a bit!


As always, please keep me posted of any bugs/issues/suggestions.  Can't guarantee that every suggestion will make the cut (or is even feasible), but I will definitely consider them.

NOTE: If you experience ATS transition errors, PLEASE take pictures/screenshots of the DAMP, DVLT and SYNC inverter oscilloscope channels BEFORE restarting the inverter.  These will show me exactly what the inverter "saw" that caused the transition error--and will hugely help me in finding a safe solution/workaround (if necessary).

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44 minutes ago, AquaticsLive said:

Any Updates for the original WiFi Boards that connect to PJ boards?

Ha....I need to do that too.  There's a limit that can be accomplished with the PJ WiFi board stuff--but I should still get that up to speed.

Most of the work would be on the PJ CPU firmware side--as the WiFi board firmware is the same regardless of whether it's connected to a GS control board or a PJ reflashed control board.

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3 hours ago, Sid Genetry Solar said:

Most of the work would be on the PJ CPU firmware side--as the WiFi board firmware is the same regardless of whether it's connected to a GS control board or a PJ reflashed control board.

Thanks, just hoping to get some some of the old stuff working again like the Hz. 

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