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Setup of the GS WiFi Lineup Inverters.

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38 minutes ago, Lener said:

Sid/ Sean,

what this completely put out the pasture!

Genetry Solar Wi-Fi LCD boards for Power Jack inverters 

We started out selling those, but it seemed that each subsequent PJ design change removed every last item that we needed for "drop-in upgrades", from the removable CPU board, to the power connectors, to even a mounting hole in the chassis for an LCD.

What's your question?

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20 minutes ago, Lener said:

I was wondering if the GS LCD  is  compatible with the 12000v AGM PJ , the GS LCD seems to be more intuitive with battery voltage info…

Oh there's a wealth of information in the control board CPU...which isn't displayed!

But like I said, over the past few years PJ pretty well removed each and every "mounting point" we needed for the GS WiFi board.  Shipping an entire control board back and forth (for reprogramming the main CPU) is a pretty significant undertaking.  In v8-v9 (when we started the "GS WiFi board for PJ inverters"), the CPU was on a separate modular board, making it very easy to ship a preprogrammed CPU with the WiFi board kit.

Not to mention the fundamental issues with a PJ inverter...a GS WiFi board upgrade would not be able to fix those issues.

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