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End of Power Jack / Upower Support from Genetry Solar

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Genetry Solar will no longer offer support for Power Jack / Upower inverters. Several reasons.

  1. I am not being paid to provide this service. In fact I have not been paid in well over a year.
  2. I no longer have the time to troubleshoot inverters. Some calls can take upwards of 2 hours. Power Jack inverter "Beeps" do not tell me anything about what is wrong with the unit.
  3. The current inverter design by Power Jack is foreign to me and I do not consider myself qualified any longer to provide support.
  4. I really need to focus my time on Genetry Solar
  5. Liabillty. I did not design or manufacture the inverter.

I will still be selling the remaining parts and inverters I have here. They are always as is. I am probably going to lower the prices considerably to get rid of anything I have remaining. I realize I have old Power Jack videos up on youtube. I will either delete these or annotate that I no longer offer support. Its possible that a community driven FAQ could be built around common issues and solutions but that is up to the community.

Both Sid and myself need to focus on our own inverter line.

Hopefully everyone understands.

Thank you

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