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Shipping & Phone Updates

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I have some policy updates to share with you reguarding shipping of parts and inverters.



Our local post office is only open 3 days per week, 4 hours per day, as we live way out in the country. So you may not see a shipping notification for up to 5 days after you have placed an order.  (This does not affect UPS, as I have daily pickup.)

If you are paying by Stripe instead of PayPal, Stripe places a 3 to 5 day hold on the funds while they process. I have been burned several times in the past where I will ship the parts and 3 or 4 days later the payment doesn't clear, meaning I'm out both the parts and the shipping. As a result, I now wait until Stripe makes the deposit into my bank account. And it has taken as long as 10 days for the money to arrive in our account. Also Stripe only makes deposits 2 days per week which doesn't help matters.
I typically watch for "expected payout" notifications as its a good indication that the payment cleared and is on the way to the bank. Stripe does not offer chargeback or NSF (non-sufficient funds) protections for us, while PayPal does. So paying by PayPal usually gets the parts sent out within a few days. I will not buy a label without the payment funds being available in our account when using Stripe payment!

I will be updating the site to make this more clear to the buyer.

I will no longer be offering fast shipping on UPS or USPS. While few people have requested it, the shipping calculator tends to undercut the actual shipping costs. So if you order a single LF driver at 20 bucks, and the site charges you 20 bucks for overnight shipping when it costs me nearly 100 bucks, I might as well throw the money out the window. I have made complaints to SquareSpace about this issue, but it doesn't seem to be resolved.

While I do have UPS daily pickup, there are many times when the UPS driver does not see the packages, and will continue on their route without picking the packages up. If we get rain or snow, I will not leave the packages out in the elements. This is why you may get the tracking number, but the package doesn't get picked up for a few days. I am working with my UPS rep and the different drivers to address this issue.



I have mentioned this several times, but I will mention it again: DO NOT HAMMER MY PHONE SYSTEM! It will automatically block you, without notifying me in any way.

The odd thing is that I can text you if you are on the ban list but no messages from you will come into my phone. Let me give you an example.


  1. you call 10 times in a row.  The system automatically blocks your number as spam, without notifying me. 
  2. Then you text me 6 times, and because of the ban, I do not get a single text that you sent.
  3. Meanwhile, I text you with tracking info (but have no idea you have tried calling me or texting me.)
  4. Now because you've received a text from me, you assume that I'm purposely ignoring you.  The reality is that I do not know that the phone system has blocked your number, and as a result, neither do I see any of the messages you sent.

This is an unfortunate reality of this "spam call world" we are in, especially as the Genetry phone number has global presence.

This sort of event usually happens after hours: if you call 10 times in a row after 4 PM "hoping to get through", the phone system will automatically block you without notifying me.  Your best bet is not to call more than once per day. With my call volume there are times when I simply can not return your call within a few days. Someday I will be able to hire someone to take care of the phones but untill then I have to deal with the phone calls all by myself.

99% of my phone calls are from Power Jack customers new and old. And some of them like to talk for over an hour while I help them with a version 8 5kw inverter. Texting really is the best way to get ahold of me.

Sid does not have a public facing extension, so you will not be able to ahold of him directly. Sid does not deal with tech support over the phone. Our inverters are near perfect in reliability and I only get Sid involved if I am stumped, and/or he needs feedback. 


I am hoping this clears things up a bit. I will admit my shipping policy has not been crystal clear but hopefully that is fixed as of this post.


Thank you for all your support.



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Stripe does not offer chargeback or NSF (non-sufficient funds) protections for us, while PayPal does. So paying by PayPal usually gets the parts sent out within a few days.

I  also know that if the parts are not sent out within  the time the seller say it will be deliver  then the seller account is frozen until  the parts are  deliver with tracking number    and   the  buyer  will get  full refund in 180 days  .  IF the parts are deliver after 180 days  the buyer will keep the parts and the refunded  money .     Paypal is not good for the  seller  as I always lose when selling on ebay  in any paypal  dispute  but always win  as a buyer and get full refund .     

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I have had much better luck with paypal. While they have their limits, with a commercial account they actually side with the seller more often. I have had this happen twice now where the customer filed a charge back with no communication, kept the inverter, and it took about 20 days for the money to be released back to me. As long as I have a tracking number and a signature then im fine. Stripe has none of this as my account does not qualify for the commercial protections as of now. I have yet to lose any money with paypal. They do have their own disadvantages but its been good.

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 As long as I have a tracking number and a signature then im fine.              Paypal  has  the  buyer signature and delivered on time  so you will  get paid  for the inverter  .   My item was  100 dollars  and no  signature  needed   but the buyer  say never delivered   and paypal  allow the charged back .     I sold  an item oversea  and has signature  but the  buyer  say  not the item  delivered  and get the charged back and keep the item  .      Paypal  like to  freeze the money for 180 days if any dispute  or not deliver on time .      

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