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12000W LF AMG tripping input and output breakers


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39 minutes ago, Lener said:

A GS inverter will be practically dead silent at no load as a result of the perfectly matched FET drive.)
Are these FET drive compatible with PJ 12000 AGM?

GS control boards only have a single FET board output connector, not a double like PJ does.  In addition, the PJ FET boards would need either modified with the addition of a zener diode to each one (to prevent FET failure due to the stronger drive) and/or outright replacement with a set of GS LegacyFET boards (best case).

Due to the design limitations of a PJ mainboard, you would not be able to exceed much over 6kw output with a GS setup.  But there's also no way the "12000W AGM" transformer will be able to do 6kw continuous in the first place.

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7 minutes ago, Lener said:

A month of  sleepless nights trying to understand the mystery , although I called it uncle…. this AM before hitting the road I was at it 
I took off the ground completely out of the unit to my disappointment result  was not changes, but I discovered something interesting that the AC input L has continuity with the chassis, I do not know all fundamentals about electricity but I repair equipment., Am I wrong to say those input wires (L with chassis continuity N  no continuity )are crossed? 


You might have honed in on at least one of the issues 😉.

None of the AC input or output leads (nor the DC input leads) on the inverter should be short-circuited to the chassis.

The lowest connection between any terminal and the chassis should be >1 Megohm.

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I  am not sure if this is an isolated incident, I have had a lot of issues  tripping breakers  blew up Fetts and  so on with  my 12000 watt AGM, after taking the unit apart many times tracing wiring , I discovered some of the  wires were crossed (output) after fixing  these issues the machine has been working for quite awhile without any problem crossing my fingers. Unfortunately there’s no manual for reference..!I been running the living room area TV and satellite devices and a small deep “freezer  at night “with a power transfer of course I don’t want to peeve my queen  when she is watching TV.


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