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Power jack shutting off


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Have an old power jack 6000

been great because of az heat started to turn off.     So I put a barrel fan in front of it

did great        Now it is cooling down

it is shutting down.   Never see see stock 

internal fan on      I need some ideas to help inverter out


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1 hour ago, Arizona said:

Never see see stock 

internal fan on

Never see stock internal fan run?


Does your PJ have a little toggle switch on the back?  If so, that should be a "fan on."  (Fan control on the older PJs was handled by a thermal "clixon" type thermostat--which isn't rated for the DC voltage, and often fails.)

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7 hours ago, RobertM said:

An easy step might be replacing the internal inverter fan with a better one. I have a newer PJ, and it may have a high velocity fan. It sounds like a jet engine, but the inverter stays running even in 116° heat. I am only drawing 500W, though.

I will look in to a better fan

thanks for advice

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