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PJ do not turn on


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Good day, my PJ apparently got wet during the hurricane, I'm from P.R.  when I went to turn it on it didn't turn on, I saw that the moffet on the negative side was burned, I put all new ones including the diver board, now I try to turn it on and it doesn't turn on, the moffet turn on the green lights, the diver board doesn't.  check all the fuses and they are all good.  which may be?






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1 hour ago, Rafaelmedina23 said:

my PJ apparently got wet during the hurricane, I'm from P.R.

Looking at the control board...are you sure the inverter didn't get submerged?

Replaced driver board looks good, but I'm seeing a lot of possible PCB damage on the control board.  Plus the rather corroded screws by and on the driver board...


If the inverter was connected to battery power throughout the "getting wet" event (resulting in blown FETs when you got back to it), there's no telling how far the damage went.


With battery power on the inverter, what DC voltage do you measure from the battery negative to the heatsink on the FET on the control board?


Should be DC battery voltage on the heatsink.

You can also check for DC voltage from battery negative to the middle wire going to the power switch.  Should be battery voltage there as well.

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(+) I don't know what happened, it was working fine

Look like  a  rev 10.3 control board and it will  blow up the FETs on one side .    Only the rev 11.3 control board is available from  Powerjack and  95 dollars .   You must also get a complete rev 11.3 main board with cap and mosboard  and  matching  cable and connector  about  190 dollars .    I done this and  rev 11.3  will shut done before blow up the FETs .

Sean latest  youtube   say he has a lot of older PJ  inverters  and parts  so contact  him .   Warning that all the older PJ  inverter will cause you to say    I don't know what happened, it was working fine .     

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2 hours ago, Rafaelmedina23 said:

once again it burns the mosfets on the same side, (+) I don't know what happened, it was working fine, I will no longer invest in this type of inverter, I have had experience with 2 of them and they can never be fixed. Thanks for everything

What kind of loads were you running?  (Just out of curiosity.)

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55 minutes ago, NotMario said:

Haha, i'll fight you for it, Robert!

Really need something not completely garbage for my RV. Sadly, the GS just wont work with the space requirements. (We don't have big RV's in AK)

I'm not sure why but we're both listed here as collaborators which are "one who willingly cooperates with an enemy, especially an enemy nation occupying one's own country."

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20 hours ago, Sid Genetry Solar said:

The up-and-coming GS6 are quite a bit smaller than the GS6 you currently have...depends what the dimensions of the space are!

Yeah... 9" Depth x 11" Height x "18" Width.
Boy that would be a tight squeeze if mounted sideways. Considerably complicated by wiring constraints, too.

The other spot, while wide enough with the wings cut off, is about 1/4" too short, and the length would work if the height allowed me to slide it in at an angle.

The width is the biggest no-go on the GS, especially with those wings.

It's a tough set of requirements. My U-Power fits (barely...), but it's not wired for 12 volts, and it's not obvious how that could be done. The tranny is wired for 24->240, so 12->120v is obviously possible, sacrificing the un-needed split phase, but i don't know how i would wire up the control board for that. Heh.

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On 10/4/2022 at 3:44 PM, Sid Genetry Solar said:

Ah, OK...so after repairing the broken wire, you turned it on and the magic smoke came out again.

Worth noting that the control board looked damaged, so it's possible there was water damage to the control board circuitry as well.

okay. I'm going to check that board

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