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Wind Turbines and Voltage Specs

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Howdy folks,

Winters coming in fast here, so 3 months of dark is awaiting my solar panels.
With dark winter comes cold air, with cold air comes more air density.

So i want to play around with wind turbines a little. 

Basically, in the residential market, you'll find 12v, 24v, and 48v options. Here's the thing... what aspect of the package is changing the voltage spec?

Engineering wise, this can be done quite a few different ways - but i want to know in practice how this is usually done in the residential market.
My instinct tells me that the turbine will be identical for all ratings. Same alternator winding, with the voltage difference being a property of the controller only.
It's also possible the windings are different, or the windings are the same with segments being in series or parallel depending on the voltage desired.

Anyone here have experience with these things? What voltages do you see hitting the input side of the charge controller?

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