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PJ 8000 watt LF 24 V, replace all mosfets with Infineons IRFB4110PBF


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What is your take on replacing all the HY3410 mosfets with Infineon Thechnologies IRFB4110PBF mosfets on PJ 8000 watt LF 24VDC, my aim is to run AC pckg unit, 220ACV 17Amp with 400 aH of lead acid deep cycle bank in South Central Florida. Will it worth it to do the upgrade. Also plan to add AC boost cap for the motor start surge.

Thank you friends

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I don't think so.  The FETs are generally all pretty good...but the FET drive, signal cable and mainboard all leave a lot to be desired.  Translated: a set of IRFB4110 FETs will likely meet the same demise as a set of HY3410.

Though worth noting that 24v is a bit easier from the FET signal perspective.  I'm actually a tad surprised that they used HY3410 in a 24v inverter...it's actually pretty comical how little PJ understands FETs.  They tend to use lower voltage FETs in lower voltage inverters--which is great--but completely fail to realize that the reason you would do that is because lower voltage FETs can be found with a lower on-resistance (to reduce losses with the increased current).  Oftentimes, their "24v" FET has a higher resistance than their "48v" FET, which is not helpful at all!

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