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Inverter issues

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9 hours ago, Steve said:

I just had the FETs short on mine

Not sure what load it was running at the time as it died during the night

It was scheduled to charge my car (3.3KW) at 1am but I don't know if it was still running at that time

cross-posting makes things awfully confusing...here it sounds like the GS went south on you?

If so, do you know what revision control board it has?

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FWIW...if you're using pre-packaged Lithium batteries (i.e. EG4, etc.), they tend to have a hair-trigger on overcurrent situations.  Especially on a 24v system, a startup surge can cause the batteries to trip--but this doesn't mean the inverter has failed.

As a matter of fact, I've heard (and witnessed via video call) from several customers that the startup surge from charging the inverter's main filter caps will cause EG4s to fault out.

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