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It's a sunny day, and at 10:20 AM, I turned on the PJ inverter and started running my kitchen refrigerator and evaporative cooler. The resting voltage of my flooded battery bank started at 27.2V, and with the inverter on, the battery voltage went up to 28.5V and is holding steady. The controller is drawing about 7 amps. The inverter is barely warm, and the fan is not running. I'm going to let it run all day, and shut down when the batteries get down to 24.6V.

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1 hour ago, RobertM said:

My refrigerator is more energy efficient that I thought it was. It uses ~6.5 A to start the compressor, but the average power is much less.

Average running amperage for a standard kitchen 'fridge (for my findings with standard recip compressors, i.e. not vari-speed) is between 0.8-1.2A @ 120vAC.

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