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Power Jack Inverters Become Modular


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From now, Whole series inverter will step by step become MOUDLE version.
You may asking why so trouble like this? Here is the answer for you:
1. we have different kind of customers to using inverter,
one is no any electric experience, but they just want set up inverter system,  
for 10more expereinces, they will return inverter for refund, if they have other choice just replace the control box, no need open box to replace parts, these may be a good things to save both sides time & money.  This is only 5-10%, but....what we eager to do is find a solution can real 100% find the best way to match all the demand from our customers, even this is only 5-10%.
2.  as LF inverter is real heavy, like the 8kw inverter, its almost 20kgs, control box 5kgs, transformer box 15kw, the delivery man always drop the inverter due to too heavy, 10-15% defective is because the electric components loose away because they drop the whole inverter for 20kgs weight.  What if this is 12kw, 20kw, the weight even go to 40-50kgs?  How bad will be happened?
If we seperate to 2box, one is only 5kgs, thats almost can avoid the situations happened, thats another 10-15% reduce!
3. Due to the drop situations, lets talk about the trasnformer box, that would be 5% defetive because the drop inverter cause the transformer short, new transformer box, we add a selftest function, 
this will add a window to let people use AC POWER CORD connect your ac 110v electricity to connect this window, in this moment, the voltage meter will show you 20v to 40v according different 
transformer spec, then this can be approval are ok to use, if short happened, the fuse will be broken, then thats for sure the transformer can not be using, once the transformer safety to your home, the transformer box will stay you 10-20years withount any problem, even can leave this big guy to your next generation.  Now you know the hurge different we seperate it!
4. Lets talk about the control box, control box come with control pcb board & main board with 
mosfet, In this box, 90% made by electricity components, of course for long time using, the electric parts will not be reliable than the transformer, thats why may have chance to damage.
According our experience, all you need replace is 4pcs power mos board & driver board(on the pcb),
all can be replace by screws, very friendly design, no need any electric experience, just know how to remove the screws & back, thats it!
If you hate to do it, the last choice you can just replace the whole control box, but what happened for other brand name inverter?  The choice is through it away or send back to fix it, but internet business almost dont have repair center in USA, then you may need waste a whole inverter become a trash, if so, you are using solar green energy, but.... after every 2years you need through away the whole inverter & spend money again to buy a new one, can we call it real a green/free energy?
5. For 2box in 1, the cost will be higher 15-20%, but thats just the begining cost, after that, all you need is just prepare some spare parts in hand, then this design even same life time like your solar panel.      
From above, as the electric components keep arrising the price with 20-25%, Inside CPU is micro chip IC, thats arrising 5-7times, one chip cost USD40 more & keep arrising, we are now using taiwan brand name CPU to instead of it, that would be take 1month study, that means can be ready in the begining of APL05, 2022, Start to ship the inverter on APL.15, by ocean will take 45days, then UPS to your hand, the expected date can into your hand is JUNE.10, 2022, the marketing price will be 
USD429.99, as this inverter offer you 4000w 110v or 4000w 220v, now to order it almost 50% discount, plus will send a free spare parts(1pc driver board & 4pcs power mos board, thats cost USD29.99, this will send from china first when you make payment)
Thats will be a long waiting, but thats a Recycle version, nobody make this design in the world, 
If you like the above design idea, why not give us a support & tell this to your friend, thank you!
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 I'm wondering if I should by some spare parts for my old model inverter?

PJ  spare parts price are going up  fast .    The  rev 11.3 control board will  work to replace  all older inverter to the rev 9 control board .     The problem  is the  fake delivery  if you buy from  ebay  .     

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What spares should I buy?

My  15 kw with the rev 11.1 control board  been  working everyday at less than 4000 watts  for over a year .    Because the rev 10.3 has problem I  have  a complete smaller mainboard  with capacitor and mosboard  185 dollars  .     Another rev 11.1 control board with the  rev 9.0 LF driver board included now it is rev 11.3 .    8  mosboards with 6 mosfets on each mosboard .     The new PJ  inverter seem to be  working  good  but  the ebay seller cause me to not buy anymore PJ  stuff  .    

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16 minutes ago, dickson said:

 The new PJ  inverter seem to be  working  good  but  the ebay seller cause me to not buy anymore PJ  stuff  .    

I have new one as well. It is dated 12/27/21. So maybe I don't need spares? The link that I posted is to PJ, not Ebay. Are these people the same as RayJunglePower?

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I have new one as well. It is dated 12/27/21. So maybe I don't need spares? The link that I posted is to PJ, not Ebay. Are these people the same as RayJunglePower?

RayJunglePower is  David  and he is still  selling on ebay with different  accounts   .   David work  for  PJ in China  but no review  if PJ in China do the  fake  shipping and delivery     I sure  hope PJ in China  will  not do  the  fake  delivery of the   GS 12 kw  inverter .    

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  • 7 months later...

24 volt 5000 watt module version in 2 stainless steel boxes at customs in Chicago on February 6th 2023....

transformer in one electronics in the other,,, i like this module design in my 15000 watt one...

probably more than a picture or paper in a flat cardboard mailer or the piece of paper in a tiny crumpled box scam....

shipped from China but must have been by airplane if in Chicago customs???

only $159.35 including tax and shipping,,,

have to see what arrives...

got to be better than a picture of toroid cores scam 😎😎

credit card and/or the eBay money back guarantee will get them otherwise...

i actually used paypal credit 6 months interest free so paypal could give them grief also if a scam... someone said paypay has 6 month time frame to get your money back if they try to scam you.... i do not know but that sounded like enough leeway to give it a try for zero interest >>> play with paypal money ....🤔

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