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6k not turning on?


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Have had my new Genetry 6k 5 months and LOVE it!!  Yesterday we turned it off due to needing to power up batteries.  It never would turn back on. Little green light on inside but no fan or LED panel. I want to cry!   Solved low battery charging issues. During Texas drought the solar panels just needed washing and boom! They charged the batteries fully.  

Any ideas? 

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Weird.  Do you know what control board version is in it?  (A.1 / B / C.)  (Would also help to know the firmware version, but if it won't power up, that's kinda hard to infer!)


Something else to check could be the power button itself...if you press it down as far as you can, does the inverter turn on?  (Might turn back off the moment you release it to the latch position.)

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