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Bringing In Power To The House

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I built a tiny solar "generator" on the cheap. I only have four 100W panels, a 20A controller, about 200 AH @ 24V of battery storage, and a 4000W PJ inverter. I am planning on bringing in 115V over 12 AWG copper wire to a 20A breaker in a little distribution box. That circuit would power one 15A duplex wall receptacle. 

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My thought is to put in a small dedicated distribution box just a short run away from my inverter. The house distribution panel is another 100 feet away, and I'm not sure I will ever upgrade to the point of powering the whole house. For instance, my 4 panels fill the bottom roof of a backyard shed. I think I will be happy with a small renewable energy system that functions as an emergency power option.

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49 minutes ago, TheButcher said:

One thing about small solar installations...  they inevitably turn into big installations 🙂

Time will tell, but my immediate goal is to power essentials in the house for 5 hours. PG&E is offering credits if I can reduce grid power usage during specific critical days this summer, from 4PM to 9 PM.

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