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Hello from Wisconsin


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Not a lot to say other than slowly building up a system to be large enough to power my entire house off grid in the future.  I am also interested in eventually having a battery backed grid tie setup in the future if that becomes possible with all of the regulation and governmental hoops needed to jump through to make that happen.

Current system:

6KW Genetry Solar Inverter (Plan to upgrade to the 12KW unit once my system is a bit bigger and the 12KW becomes available)

Currently have 3 panels setup for a bit over 1KW (mainly for testing and keeping the battery bank topped up) but have an additional 6.5KW of panels in the garage to go up hopefully this spring or summer when the ground thaws.)

2x 60A MakeSkyBlue MPPT solar charge controllers

About 10 KWh LiFePO4 16S 48V Battery Bank.  (I hope to expand this to 30-50KWh as I can afford it in the future)

Currently using an ANTBMS 16S Bluetooth enabled programable BMS and a generic 2A LiFePO4 active balancer.  (at least for the time being with such a small battery bank)

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Welcome to the forums.  We look forward to helping you realize your desired system setup...and have a lot of fun along the way.

What is your experience with the active balancer?  I haven't seen any positive reviews on YouTube of the active balancers...they seem to either blow up, or further imbalance the batteries.

Current system: it sounds like you must have been one of the customers who paid extra for express shipping, and you already have the 6kw inverter?  If so, I am very curious as to how it is working for you.  Status updates, functional behavior, quirks, comments, issues, you name it, I'd like to get a report!  Like I tell Sean, I've designed the inverter...so I know how it's designed to function.  But someone who may not know how it's designed to function (especially 'cause I haven't written the user manual for it yet!) may discover bugs/quirks/issues that need addressed.

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