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Beta tester for 1.1r7 preliminary?

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I've made some MAJOR revisions to the Genetry Solar Local Server and WiFi access page.  These actually were ideas that I first started implementing in July of 2021...but shelved shortly afterwards due to stability issues. 

By rewriting/redesigning the code, I think I've solved such issues.  However, as the changes are major (not major enough for a "major" update yet!), I would like at least one beta tester meeting the following criteria:

  • has a GS inverter with Rev. C control board (I'll get these revisions to A.1 / B hopefully before too long)
  • not using the inverter as a primary power source (can never be too safe with preliminary updates, especially when major changes have been made!)
  • very familiar with how routers and Internet protocols work (for diagnostic purposes in case of discovered issues).

Yes, I will test everything as much as I can before running beta testing...BUT customers always have a knack of testing things in ways I'd never have guessed, sometimes with entertaining results.


Current development notes are the following:

  • FINALLY implement unified, redesigned local server page
  • fix some bugs with the "Configure WiFi" captive portal implementation--now it should automatically pop up on most all Internet-connected devices...
  • some minor tweaks/adjustments to JSON status data
  • DISABLE WiFi "sleep" mode if SRVR enabled: increases power usage ~0.25W, but decreases average request response time from 800mS to 20mS.
  • add "WiFi Settings Delete" and "WiFi Board Reset" functions
  • complete revamp of WiFi/MQTT/SRVR mode flags (THESE SETTINGS WILL NOT CARRY OVER FROM PREVIOUS VERSIONS.  Minor inconvenience.)
  • revamp WiFi function handling, now you can specify "STA", "AP", or "AP+STA" WiFi modes
    • AP "hotspot" mode with WPA2 WiFi security.  Allows connecting a device to the inverter without a WiFi network.  (Wireless remote screen.)  Security is a really good idea here, with a one-time randomly-generated password (visible on the LCD screen when you select "Configure WiFi").
    • STA is the "normal" mode that was previously all that could be accessed, requiring an external WiFi network for communication.
    • AP+STA ("A+S") allows the inverter to BOTH be connected to a WiFi network AND generate a separate hotspot

I haven't yet started on the local server "firmware upload" feature--but that's the next project at some point.  Need to deal with some more pressing things first...

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Hey Sid bought your 6 k Revision c inverter a few months ago. have not started using it yet as my primary. I'm in the process of building it up for my primary system but that will be months from now so i can set it up to test the new firmware. I have 32 k of batteries and am setting up my solar in the next couple months, I understand the internet protocols and also have a mentor that helps me if i can't figure it out. Would love to do some beta testing with you. I have been following you guys since the inception of your inverter and like the product.My Phone does not work at the house but can use messenger and zoom . Thanks Steve

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Hey Sid I was getting ready to hook up my inverter to my system for full time operation and was wondering how the 1.1r& was coming ? Not in a hurry  just checking. Was also wondering if there is any update to  the hard wire between two 6 ks. I live in Oregon and would like to start promoting /marketing your inverter here. We had a devastating fire here Labor day 2020 and the state just approved the power companies shutting down the grid in windstorms so everyone is now wanting alternative energy sources. you guys can PM me if that works better for you. Thanks Steve

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1.1r7...it will actually be 1.2.0 once I'm satisfied the bugs are out of it (due to all of the changes).  I've made MAJOR changes to the local server, WiFi handling, as well as a software core update (which was the biggest pain of all).  So far so good with the field beta testers...but I found some internal issues yesterday that I need to sort out.  (Multithreading is so much fun...)


2 hours ago, Tootallsteve said:

Was also wondering if there is any update to  the hard wire between two 6 ks.

I wish I could say that I've made progress on that...but I haven't.  It's awfully hard being responsible for every single aspect of the inverter (rewarding, but slow!), as I often feel like damage control, where the squeakiest wheel gets the attention first.  The core update, complete revamp of the inverter's local server--plus soldering parts on the PCBs, programming, testing and packaging them up..........

...one of these days I'll get back to the parallel functionality, as well as hybrid load sharing, etc.


There's also a lot of pressure to get the 12kw design solidified and ready to order--and with good reason.  Unfortunately, however, I can only do one thing at a time.  12kw probably will get the attention first--the parallel functionality can (for the most part) be implemented via firmware update anyway.

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