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Trying to get a stored PJ inverter running

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I have a older (date unknown) powerjack 6000 W LF. has been sitting for years hook it up and it asks a little on the 24 volt dc lugs but nothing comes on.  I disconnected the lid and made no difference.  Fuses are good and have 24 volts to the inside but nothing on the board..... any ideas

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If it's been sitting around for awhile, you might want to dust it out...then unplug and replug in each of the connectors (careful not to mix them up).  Could be a bad connection in a connector.

If the inverter has been sitting around in a non-climate-controlled environment (i.e. unheated garage, shed, barn, etc.), there is an unfortunately high possibility of corrosion wrecking havoc on the boards, and the inverter might be junk.  This would be quite noticeable if you take a close look at the boards: dull solder, light "rust", etc.

52 minutes ago, Ricky Holland said:

and it asks a little on the 24 volt dc lugs

Do you have an idea how much power it's pulling?  If it won't turn on, there should be <20mA (0.02A) draw.  If you've got an amp or 2, there's some serious issues with it (likely resulting from corrosion).

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  • Sid Genetry Solar changed the title to Trying to get a stored PJ inverter running

OK, I need a lot more information in order to be able to figure out what's going on.  I really can't figure out what's wrong when I don't know what's going on. 

  • no photos of the inverter internals, so I have no idea what the hardware version of the inverter is.
  • I've only gotten generic answers to the specific questions I've asked--so I still have no idea where the problem is.


If you want diagnostic info, we can start with this:

  • I need overview photos of the inside of the inverter (i.e. lid off) WITH the proper DC battery voltage applied to the battery terminals.  Power switch on or off, it doesn't matter--as long as you specify whether it was on or off at the time the photo was taken.  Said diagnostic LEDs will be very obvious in photos.
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