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Couldn't sign in with my original credentials & blocked me on 2nd attempt?


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6 hours ago, Bossrox1 said:

To Sid, your inverter is plugging away just fine so far & I'm thinking of a 2nd but I see you upgraded it's functioning some more to wifi. I have a ? about that.... I don't use wifi, no hardwiring option? I'd prefer bluetooth tho.

Hardwiring option has been in the plans for a bit...but just hasn't come to fruition yet.  There's a port on the WiFi board that I can add an isolated RS-232 / RS-485 / CAN transceiver to for external comms--so the next generation GS inverters should come with a 3-pin COMM port on the front.  Could technically be added to the older units as well--just not many people have any means of cutting a hole in the stainless steel chassis to add the 3-pin 5.08mm Phoenix connector.

Bluetooth adds another huge software stack and RTOS load in the inverter--and with the small processors being utilized, every bit of space counts.  A hardwired connection would be far more valuable than a Bluetooth connection--at least from a hobbyist perspective.

I understand if you don't want to use the remote WiFi server...BUT is it feasible that you could use the LOCAL WiFi server?  This is vaguely similar to Bluetooth in that it's a direct comm between your device and the inverter (well, and the router)...but not to a "cloud" of any sort.  (Communication distance is considerably longer than the ~30 feet of the Bluetooth spec range anyway.)  Should be quite trivial to read data/send control commands from an Arduino with WiFi, a Raspberry Pi, or even a computer.



From the forum software records, a "forgot password" was done on Aug. 29th...then another lockout and failed entry followed by two more "forgot password" on Aug. 30th...and another lockout yesterday.  All from the same IP address, though.

I can hit the "reset password" button manually, or you can try it on your end?

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Worth noting that I am planning to redo the WiFi control at some point once I get enough other things taken care of...making it so the inverter can create a hotspot for a single device to connect to (i.e. tablet, Arduino, Raspberry Pi) without the need for a WiFi router at all.  Status can be read, and the inverter can be controlled via this hotspot, etc.

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