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genetry solar live stream now shows up as unviewable and private as of today 2/8/2022

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22 minutes ago, pilgrimvalley said:

i was watching the live streams after the fact. but now they all are unviewable and marked as private on you tube???

do you know of this? 

maybe sean did something on you tube channel? 

just get the sledge hammer out and fix that windows computer

not a linux problem

Noticed that myself this morning.  Most of the most recent one was significantly off-topic, so not really a loss there.

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ok, I just figured you guys should know in case there was some issue w/ you tube.

i have worked with computers for about 40 years started back with computer programming learning pascal programming language on a huge mainframe computer with key punch cards,

i definitely have a love hate relationship with computer through the years.🤔

one small change and the written program result does not work. perhaps it is a youtube glitch or something???

get out the sledgehammer that will fix that xxxxxxxx computer.🤣

anyways thanks for you reply. have a great day all! 😎

i am watching for your success with the inverters!


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