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Power Jack LF Control Board 11.3V Dates 2021/10/05

Ted Alva Jr

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Here are some pictures of the 11.3 control board card. Doing the installation right now will send you some more picture. Will update with the results of running, starting appliances, and charging. Of course I advise power jack of this is a replacement card for the ver 9.0 and I get the same “Set the dip switches to the same as the last card” 😂










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Looks to me that the CPU has been replaced...

...curious what's the part number on it?

They used to use 87K22, this one likely is an 87K90...but COULD be an 86K22 as well.


Really interesting to see that they bypassed the voltage regulation transistors on the LF Driver board.  I don't know how the inverter doesn't blow the FETs due to gate overvoltage...what's the part number on those?

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Here you go, I got some more images. It ran better then the V11.1, 11.0 card but not like it should compared to the version 9.0 card or the original 10.3C modified by PJ non charging unit. Started 120V compressor after a few surge cycles (voltage drop but inverter didn’t code/alarm out. Was able to catch 4000 watts on the meter for startup and 2200W continues running. Started with the inverter welder but kept on power cycling welder on 220V. Surge was 3000 watts at 230V but looses almost 100 voltages on the start of the weld. Incandescent lights I had plugged in on the 110 side powered off. Tried welding on the 110 side being it’s dual voltage and ran a little better then 220V but not quite perfect due to it power cycling the welder. Moving on to the charger. Didn’t blow yet, I plugged the inverter in to test the charging function and it works but way low, especially if you have a large battery bank. Just under or around 500W @120V I think I saw 4.6A tops. Went back to battery power and loaded down the 110 side. Note, Voltage L1 is 118Vac and with L2 220 side is 232Vac.. loaded down Inverter and even tested with my HarborFreight BAUER heat gun. Before the voltage and wave pattern would be all over the place and shut down sometimes, but small improvement being it didn’t power off. Ran up to 4000 watts with 770W halogen lights! Heat gun about 1500 and shop vac about 1800W. 
The MOSFET cards were most likely my fault with low voltage. I Usually have two battery banks but recently move one bank to the RV.  I had spare parts so R & R MOSFET cards and test with all loads off turned on power save mode and confirmed LF drive is bad as well. R & R LF driver and is back up and running.
I’ll use it today and run some more test with the correct bank size.






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