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Hello from Riverside California aka Inland Empire

Nate Morales

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Hello Genetry Solar I started my inverter with a harbor freight 900 watt inverter 12 volt that ran my fridge in my work van until it blew and upgraded to a powerjack 2015 24 volt 8k 120 volt with charge and replaced the factory 12 volt fan upgraded 9 blade 24 volt  fan and added a 45c temp sensor on fett board and transformer. Also  removed  transformer plastic wrap and made new transformer hold down with air deflector to push air through the middle of the transformer. Also a  500 amp hour battery bank and 4/0 battery cable a bit over kill but can't say there is any cable restrictions lol. So this set up would run my tiatuim 200 welder on 120 volts no problem. We'll I upgraded to 2020 powerjack 24 volt 8k true split phase 120/220 volt  with charge that i upgraded the capacitor from 3 18000uf to 4 22000uf capacitors and I  installed L14 30 twist lock plug on the front of the inverter to easly connect extention cord to connect welder . This now  runs my tiatuim 200 welder on 220 volt.  Also Here in riverside ca the wind gets very strong and Edison shuts off the power for hours well I just run heavy L14 30  extention cord and power up my house. So my friend has a work van set up with a large 425 ah battery bank and 24v 8k powerjack inverter also. so were know as Team overkill. 

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