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Selfish circuits (or energy shuttling)

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Useful information is here:  http://rpmgt.org/SelfishCircuitLovingPath.html

It might be useful to download it for future use.

Some of this I've used. 

Do not cascade inverters as the control boards do not like pulsed inputs.

An inverter could be used on the last battery in the string, but a capacitor should probably go across the inputs.

If our forum owners do not object, information on other technologies will be posted shortly.

The material posted by me is not my own, I take no credit for it.  Feel free to use it or delete my posts as you wish.




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We have absolutely no issue with such technologies/devices...ONLY if these devices actually work.  It's one thing to have a lot of conceptual ideas...but entirely another to have something that actually works as described.  Lots of snake oil vids on YouTube of devices that are purported to work, but are really fakes.

In summary: lengthy theories and reasoning without an actual functional implementation, will likely be deleted.

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The things that I post, I've worked with. (that doesn't mean that I'm good with the stuff, just a hack.)

Take a 48VDC battery bank and connect the positive to the positive input of a 24 volt inverter.  Go from the negative inverter terminal (less positive, in a relative way, to the positive terminal of a 24VDC bank of batteries.  Tie the negatives posts of the two battery banks together.

24VDC banks can be paralleled on the bottom side, with all the positives connected to positive and all the negatives tied to negative.  (I think from top to bottom, with the higher voltage on top, doing work, then coming out the bottom.)

A DC brushed motor can be run this way, the batteries like the pulse charging.


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