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Ted Alva Jr

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Hello Genetry Solar team, and new comers to the Inverter systems. I just wanted to say hello and state equipment. Started with the First Power Jack 8K/110 W/110 charging 2015 model Still working as of today with upgraded 9 blade Delta cooling fan. Upgraded in 2019 to my *Second U-power 15K/8K 24V rebranded P.J., 220/110 W/110 AS4 transformer charging Version 9.0 board with charging but charge function was not safe at 30Amps on a 15 amp supply. Let the smoke out of the box with running a welder Vulcan OmniPro 220 welding 1/4 steel with .035 solid wire for to long with a poor cooling fan & with poor heat dissipation due to solid heat sink with no fins. Repaired twice. March 2020 Ordered a backup my *Third Power Jack inverter but was no good . Powered on and let the smoke out the box attempting to weld. This was a 24V/8K with 220/110Volt Version 10.1 Control board with a ASL3 transformer, 5 MOSFET on each module along with the new power board i believe but don't quote me V10.0 with the four CAPs in front of the fan/out of the center CAPs. Was suppose to be the 40 MOSFET version. Power Jack took care of me and allowed a upgrade to the ASL4 Transformer. Setup is a Version 10.3c but No charger board or features, 24V/8K 220/110. Sent the defective inverter to Genetry Solar. So far the inverter worked great and had a upgraded 9 blade Delta fan as a stock part. A big deal to keep the inverter cool even welding for a good amount of time. Was short lived in July 2020 due to the MOSFET with a heat-sink attached to it Position Q3 on the 10.3c had broken a leg due to vibration being that it is in a moving vehicle had caused a failure. Blowing diode D12 and the AC MOSFETs. Pictures sent to Power Jack and was sent a New control board and set of MOSFETs Under warranty. Here is where some of the issues arise. Its working but will describe in its proper forum with what i found on the original Power board. I will be talking about my own Frankenstein U-power/PowerJack With some large Heat-sink upgrading-24Volt V9.0 upgrade to a 10.3c with the external AMP LIMIT card like you seen on the 8K PJ 2021 inverter with its stock true split phase wire schematic with charging functioning properly but only one issue the same as the backup inverter. I have a 11.1 Board in install into either the 3rd Inverter to achieve charging along with true split phase to keep the wiring schematics the same and or see if it will fix the issue with the 2nd inverter. To sum it up, BOTH inverters are currently having starting surge issues and are 24V/8K V10.3c  AS4/ASL4 Transformers.

Sorry for the long post. Just wanted to introduce myself. LOL


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Let the good times roll...off grid solar systems are so much fun 😉.  Will note that working with PJ inverters can be rather frustrating at times.  Can't promise to be able to solve every issue you're having--but we can at least get closer.

Q3 on the 10.3 control board...that FET should have been for the longest time an SMD FET...!  Using a more efficient FET would also help considerably with reducing heat.

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