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Living out here in South Eastern Montana so far off grid the mail only runs here 3 days a week at max (better cancel your Amazon Prime), no building codes, takes over and hour to get to town down 50 miles of rock/clay road, address doesn't show up on Google Maps, nearest neighbor is 3 miles away and typical person lasts only one year before headed back to wherever leaving behind a mess. Cell phone signal is non existent till you get 40 miles from here, no power lines, no water lines, no phone/internet lines, no gas lines and no garbage pickup here. Weather is fun, it can be bright sunny sky and next minute without even a forecast warning a storm blows through with 2 inch hail or sometimes can drop half foot of snow with no warning till last minute. Temperatures can swing about 50 degrees at a time in less than 12 hours, I've personally seen -40 with -60 wind chills and about 115 degrees. The ground can spontaneously combust into a wildfire from the coal seams out here or maybe lightening strike will start one, speaking which if a wildfire is headed your way you won't get a warning from anyone. The winds when they start in the winter/spring or fall they can really rip for a bit. Hope you don't mind ticks as you will get them.

Besides those little quirks it's beautiful place here. I am able to type on here cause I climbed a tree and put a directional cell phone booster up!

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Honestly that's how it goes out here, now if one sees the beauty in it of how primitive it is and that's their forte of living then it's paradise. Just have to work at it to make it work if you have the fortitude. Now we have a half completed Earthship someone try to build on the north side of a steep ridge that's been here 10 years or so that would of failed before it started, few empty travel trailers from ones who have failed. I hope one makes it here and prosper, it would be better than seeing these failed trashed travel trailers left behind or or ones surviving on generators and one storm away from losing it all in a shanty shack.

I will even help you and have tried helping but it's like explaining quantum physics and they run off to someone else thinking they know better that wind generation is the answer and they even fail at that.

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