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Ethernet / no Wifi Version of Board?


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3 hours ago, CHG_Coin said:

Had you considered an ethernet-only version of your board with no wifi for more secure applications, perhaps a little less power consumption, as well as for people with sensitivities to EMF?  Might fit your audience / demographic, as well as finding some new ones...

Not particularly. 

Problem is that the entire WiFi board is run by the Espressif ESP-32 module...which has WiFi & Bluetooth built in, for a very good price.  (These cannot be removed, though they can be turned off.)

Adding Ethernet would require finding an Ethernet support chip (the common W5500 chip costs more than the ESP32 itself, while the LAN8720 is about the same cost as the ESP32), adding support circuitry, etc., etc.  Would definitely complicate the code, as well.

Using an Ethernet chip on the board will not reduce the power consumption; it will actually increase it (when the Ethernet connection is used / enabled).



If the desired end goal is simple hardwired comms/control with the inverter: we do plan to add a direct (electrically isolated) comm interface to the next batch of GS inverters (can also be added after the fact, if not for a place in the chassis to mount the connector).  RS-232, RS-485 and CANbus are available bus options I'm aware of.  MODBUS is a definite option for communication protocols; someone else has also suggested a Victron protocol as another option.

These options are FAR easier to handle on the Genetry end (hardware/software)--not to mention much easier to handle/control with existing systems, Arduino or otherwise.

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