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Wind dump load

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So I’m trying to figure out how to wire a dump load for the turbine. To were it will disconnect the battery charge & just dump from the turbine straight to resistor, instead of dumping from the batteries micro cycling them. Any ideas maybe have to look into remote breakers or something.


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I know very little about wind systems, but if you don't mind losing a bit more energy (dump load anyone??), you could probably use a diode between the output of the wind generator and the battery system.  That'd prevent the dump load from pulling power from the batteries--though you would have to choose a suitably sized diode, and (likely) heatsink it pretty good.  Or if the voltages are low enough, you might be able to use an "ideal diode" board (utilizing a MOSFET for very low on resistance, instead of a 0.6-1.2v drop).

Actually, you might be able to leverage this a different way...as I presume the generator produces 3-phase AC output that's run through a rectifier before it reaches the batteries.  If you could position the dump load BEFORE said rectifier (though this makes it a tad more difficult, being 3 leads instead of 2), that'd be one way to prevent the dump load from pulling power from your batteries.

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