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Sid Genetry Solar

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Perhaps this is a bit belated, but I figured I might as well post the update before switching gears slightly to some more major firmware tweaks...

Firmware Release Version 1.1r4

  • add local server "screen mirroring", allowing direct control of inverter from an Internet connected device on the local WiFi network (I'm aware several customers have gotten this functionality via Tech updates.  Seems to be quite the hit!)
    • add a few more local server WiFi control functions (Start/Stop charge, Bulk/Float change, Generator Start/Stop)
    • add control buttons to Remote Screen for easy access to above features + Reset Err.
  • fix some dumb mistakes with mDNS / WiFi device path name.  NOTE: Anyone who received a Tech preliminary update may experience yet another mDNS name change
  • another fix for "Xformer Volt Err" in Inverter mode with surge loads
  • reduce maximum SPWM throttle from 300% to 150% (transformer saturation limit?)
  • adjust battery charge method to prevent spurious "Xformer Polarity" errors
  • several further tweaks for ATS/UPS transitions, hopefully preventing transfer errors.  NOTE: Issues with errors on ATS/charge may have a root in the hardware design of the control board caused by imbalanced AC output loads.  Pending testing, Rev. C control boards hopefully will completely eliminate these issues.  Handling split-phase power with a single current sensor is not easy!
  • add "DAMP" diagnostic oscilloscope channel (Input Voltage 'scope -> Down), halts on any error and graphs AC Amperage channel history before shutdown
  • double initial WiFi connection timeout from 10 seconds to 20 seconds (compatibility with slower routers?)


There are still many tweaks and adjustments that I need/want to make to further improve the software.  Certainly glad that GS inverters can get OTA firmware updates, otherwise we'd be in trouble!  SO...for future revisions, the following items are in the pike...

  • Complete revamp of WiFi handling, allowing for continual AP-access (for local network control / Pi / Arduino access/control) of GS inverters without a pre-existing WiFi network
    • definitely looking forward to the end result, but the debugging side of things has been quite a pain to deal with.  Currently shelved in a separate code branch.  The current WiFi implementation, split-up and crude as it is, currently works.  Definitely don't want to "brick" inverters in the field with a non-updatable firmware, that would be bad.
    • "firmware upload" functionality for remote systems without WiFi Internet access...upload a firmware file from a smartphone/laptop connected to the inverter's WiFi AP.
  • Add "Command" menu to OUT screen
    • "OUT" -> Enter -> Enter = menu where you can access commands currently only accessible via WiFi (local server / MQTT remote server), such as Generator Start/Stop, Charge On/Off (for Manual Charge), Reset Error, etc.
  • Minor tweaks to Oscilloscope function, make so you can scroll through the available "channels" (in prep for extra channels on Rev. C), now exclusively on the "AC Output" highlight (not on AC Output and AC Input as currently)
  • Eventually...way down the road...redesign "parallel" mode implementation from "inverter" mode to "AC Mains" mode.  This in prep for "input current limit" (of special interest to RV'ers), where if the output load exceeds the given input amperage limit, the inverter will smoothly throttle out of charge, right into "boost/parallel"--pulling power from the batteries to prevent overloading the input circuit.  Likely possible on Rev. C control boards only, as none of the prior revisions have an "input current" sensor.  Crude mathematics with A.1 / B boards MIGHT be possible, but probably not worth the trouble.

Also getting back to the PJ "upgrades" we started out doing, need to bump that code along a smidge, get charge working there, etc.

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Will see about updateing my units.  Sorry I've been MIA.  Been dealing with my health and change of diet and among other things.  Fixing to crack down on my setup once again.  Sid I got the remote for the generator, found the one I had laying around, will send it off to you next week so you can get that done for me.

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6 hours ago, Sid Genetry Solar said:

Umm...well...this is the Genetry Solar inverter firmware updates branch.  These later firmware revisions have not been updated to the PJ channel....

...but I need to do that.  That'll also give you AC input / ATS / charge again (if your inverter is so equipped).

It can be once u do put out the update.

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