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What is your ambient temperature?

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I have all of my controllers, battery bank, and the inverter in the utility room in the basement.  Ambient temp in the summer is around 60-70 with temps outside from 70F to 95F.  In the winter it maintains a cool 55-65 if temps of 0 to -30F outside depending on the day.  I am waiting to see how the basement warms up this winter since I am working to add more solar before the snow flies so I expect the inverter and charge controllers to be under a much larger load this winter which will likely bring up the temps a bit more.

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14 hours ago, OnTheHomeSned said:

I'm curious to know what ambient temperature your inverter runs at?

My utility space is about 72 in the morning and gets up to 78 in the heat of the afternoon (It is 97f today). 

Mine runs 68 to 75 if on full load. thats with two GS inverts.  Currently they are down, but things are getting back on track.  Adding more batts and solar and among other thi ngs.  Had to run and find my self since my health was more important then power :P.

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