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Powerjack Fault codes


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I was hoping one you folks could  send me a fault code list so i can trouble shoot a recent issue on one of my 8000w 12v 120/240 split inverter. It ran fine for 4+ yrs  until 2 weeks ago. Upon startup it beeps four times and has than one continuous beep. I tested all Mosfets they checked good. Right now i am running off of my backup 8000watt. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Upon startup it beeps four times and has than one continuous beep

I  was testing  a spare ebay control board  and it beep 4 times and then continue beeping and check no outout 120v or 240 v .   Seller send a new 10.3  contorl board  with LF driver and  the PS  inverter works  again .      I  have  no  fault code list  but have many spare parts  to test  for a fault .   

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Here's what I can come up with for the PJ firmware beep codes:

Short Beeps (usu. indicate mode switching / minor alert)

  2. ATC (Automatic Transfer Control) from AC Mains to Inverter mode --OR-- button function acknowledge
  3. AC Mains Voltage Too Low -> Inverter Mode
  4. AC Mains Voltage Too High -> Inverter Mode


Regular Beeps (usu. indicate alarm/error)

  1. Battery Overvoltage error
  3. "MOS" thermistor over temp / Output Voltage Error
  6. "FAN" thermistor over temp

...10 / 30. Overload Low/High



I don't see any "4-beep" trigger anywhere, which of course doesn't help identify the issue.

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I ordered the controller board. i will swap it out and see what happens


The control  board you get will probably be rev11.1  and will be  different  than the control board  from 4 years  ago .   I  post a photo  of  my rev11.1 control  board  in my 8kw PS  inverter   today  and how  it is  wired  .    The  rev 11.1  control board will  replace  rev 9.0  and  rev 10.3  as wired  in  my 8kw and  is the same wiring in my 15kw PS . I show  the wiring for the rev 11.1 in  my 15kw  in another  part of this forum and is working  good .   I  keep the  old still  working rev 9.0  and  10.3  control board as spare parts . 


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