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powerjack 24-volt 15000W lfsp inverter new 5-14-2021 manufacture

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most know this or should by now:

a 12000 watt load ??? will use 12000 watt in one hour or 12kWh

a 48-volt inverter will heat up a DC cable with 250 amps running a 12000 watt load,,,, the higher the amps the hotter it gets....

12000 watts divided by 48 volts = 250amps if there were no losses in the cables and connections...( not likely )

you don't want the cable or any of the connections to heat up and act like a fuse so all those parts should be oversized to keep it all running at cooler more manageable temperatures...

the loose connection is where the arc will be the fire hazard

the battery (aka ESS or energy storage device) will also get hotter under heavy loads if not designed correctly with proper connections.... and the right BMS to protect the battery from us neophytes out here....

my BMS(battery management system) worked correctly and shut down under a low voltage scenario....when I was too busy minding the livestock and family demands in the fierce winter onslaughts in December./ January ((forget the day as we have had huge snowstorms every week or so)),>>>the inverter shut down under low voltage on the 8k LF inverter not the 15000 watt unit (PowerJack 15000 watt LF SP PSW 3 box stainless steel inverter ) as it had a larger battery....

more later,,, got to go

have a great day 😎


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20k coming via Philadelphia PA in North Hampton PA today eta the 17th of February via FedEx,

The 20k was in Chicago  and now in PA  ?     They loaded it in a wrong plane going the wrong direction ?   I hope they keep the 2 boxes together .   

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