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My GS is now name Sparky.

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I've had no luck with getting my charging to go on my master GS inverter.  when I go plug in the plug to start the chargeing,  I can hear the sound of sparks going on at the outlet while pluggin in the plug, and the GFI trips.  I've checked my wirieng, L1 inpute is on the right blad with ground on bottem and the N wire is on the left blade. . I made sure there was no shorting from the l1 and N on the inverte to the chassy and there isn't, however, when I test input N to any of the output terminals I can get a path beep, I check l1 input and nothing on any terminal.  I'm almost wondeirng if Sean miss wired the l1 and N. or is it a 240v now.  I figured if it was  a 240v setup on the input both termi nal would creat a path.  


This is with the main breaker on grid power and the breakers are off. only the N output is still live, but that shouldn't have any effect on chargeing.

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1 hour ago, Sid Genetry Solar said:

@The Blind WolfPatience, now.  I'm not the Genetry Solar personal customer butler.

I'll try to get back with you next Monday via video call to try to sort out what's going on.

Sounds good.  Nah, your not related to Bat man, so no worries.  can't do much any how since my battery bank is so low and the sun isn't fully out, only up to 30% charge at the moment, it litterly went to 11VDC, had to charge each battery at 12v to get them to reactivate.. and only got a 4amp 24v charger. woopieee, going to win the race on charging that big battery bank lol.

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