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MSB mppt test


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I ordered another another msb Controller 

It was a little damaged so I decided to test it 

I hooked it up to a spare 12 volt battery

Then I used my CV cc power supply on the solar panel input 

This way I could limit the current

If broken no deafing bang or light speed shrapnel getting me in my eye balls

It worked ok so far no big loads yet 

But I did run across something cool

The controller looking for the highest voltage and amperage showed its self on the display of my power 

It was neat to watch it pull the voltage up and down

It would try to pull more amperage voltage would go down 

Then it would raise the voltage until it would get the highest of both voltage and amperage 

So I tuck a few pics if you look closely the wattage of both matched also 

The pics show it going up and down finding the most watts






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The make sky blue controllers are packed really good

AT least the ones I have bought are I was gave a few of them by a incredible person 

Shipping damages is crazy now days 

I don't blame the employees they are probably over worked and under payed

Keep in mind I I only buy from one seller on ebay 

Sean Buckner is the ebay seller I buy from 

If you have any issues he is fast to respond and more than fair

I thought I might have a issue with the above controller so I texted him before hooking it up 

Without knowing if it was working or not he offered to replace it 

This kind of service is not heard of now days 

That's why I only buy from him 

Genetry solar has also been over the top good to me when I buy from them 

I feel when we get good service we should let others know 

That way the good businesses grow and the bad wither away

I will try to find the link or take a pick and post it for the right Ebay seller 

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