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Battery Charging with GS.

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I'm happy to say, the Charging Feature of the GS works great. It got to the required battery setting and then switch to floating.  I just wish my Battle Born and the other brand I got that are built to order would not go to 15v, my built batts are not even hitting 14.08v beefore the other hit 15v which causes the chargeing to stop and never fully charge the other batt, going to have to probley throw a 12v charger on the other cells to get them to top off, cause I'm showing at least 37ah not being used.

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I turn the charging to the gs off, and then noticed that when I came and look online it said they were both off, and walked inthere and the alarm is going off, .  


but my solar is going to keep it at the level where the gs won't come on.  all my batts I made I configed to not go to 15v. the battle born and I forgot the other brand I bought a 200ah they will hit 15v there is no way to set them lower. they stay on but stop the charging.

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