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Damaged GS Inverter from Shipping. . .or not?

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Well I amit I did over dramaticly stated it was drop two stories. more like it had to be dropped at least 8 feet to do the damange on the side.  Also, I've just took the slave out, and you can tell where basicly the same area, its having a issue during shipping.  Like I said, I think if sean takes two 1x1" stock wood and run it the length of the bottem rail when its in the box, would probley help otu from the  side, also, I would highly suggest putting foam on the bottom of the inverter, I noticed there isn't any support in both boxes for the middle, and due to all the weight these things have, that would cause metal streess in the middel being held on both ends with no support in the middle.  and that might have been what caused my damange, not sure, could have been drop could have been just the sheer weight of the thing.

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And dang, I just got done putting the slave on its ply wood, and I have to say, I bearly can even pick the blasted thing up. geesh, and the 12k is going to be even bigger??? Yeah, please, Oh please put more foam int he middle sides for that one. geesh. might have to consider pallet shipping those things.

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9 hours ago, Sid Genetry Solar said:

I guess Sean considering it "the first significant damage" was because it reportedly was "dropped 2 stories"...but upon seeing the photos, it sounds like yours took more of a hit. 

For mine it looked like someone went to pick it up from the light end and it flipped on them while they were carrying it from about waste high (or the height of a drop from a truck tailgate) or so as the double box, foam and end cover took the brunt of the hit.  When I checked mine I had checked the transformer isolator on the bottom and shined a light in the vents on the side to make sure the transformer looked like it was still pretty much in the right place.

I can definitely say that the unit chassis is built well.  I can say for certain that at least for UPS around me packages go through hell and back because they have to work fast and it's not their problem if it breaks whereas FedEx packages look pristine like they just came off the shipping dock although I have heard friends in other states telling me FedEx is the worst so I guess it really depends on the area and quality/stress level of the employees.  I remember when Sean was saying how much trouble he was having with USPS but where I live USPS pretty much beats everyone except for maybe Speedy Delivery.

I used to own a computer store and every so often we would have to ship an entire computer (this was before they had all the packaging options and brackets to safely ship custom computers fully assembled) and we would often have to ship a system with heavy duty straps, zip ties and hand cut and glued up foam pieces inside the computer that the customer would have to remove along with a minimum of 2 inches of closed cell foam on the outside of the case and a double box just to make sure the computer would arrive in one piece without damage and even then sometimes stuff would get broken.  Had a near $3500 machine returned because someone ran a fork lift through it.  That one was a fun one to try and get the insurance back for since UPS kept claiming we didn't package it well enough when you could plainly see someone ran a forklift fork through it hard enough to poke through both steel sides of the case and just mangle it inside the box.

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