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Firmware Version 1.1r2

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Bit of a preliminary release, but we discovered a fairly critical bug that needed immediate attention...thus this update.  Has several fixes/features/etc.

  • fix bug with Power Switch (causes random restarts) on Rev. B control boards and newer
  • finally implement Generator Start functionality
  • add auto-zeroing function to internal amperage sensor (attempt to fix "GTM Regulate Fail" errors)
    • also adding "GTM Disable" option in CFG -> AC Output/Inverter -> GTM Disable as a last resort.  Disables the grid-tie master function though.
  • fix WiFi webpage KWH reading x10 what it should
  • fix up "Tech" update channel, so inverters will not "remember" this channel after a restart (or 1 hour's time, whichever is less).  Prevent customers from unknowingly getting a Tech update that may brick their inverter
  • add preliminary "daisy" parallel inverter support (please do NOT rely upon...it's preliminary!)
    • add adjustable "frequency droop" setting for master inverter.


Future features off the top of my head...when I can get the time to add 'em:

  • mDNS local WiFi discovery
  • local WiFi server for reading stats/controlling inverter
  • local HTML page for configuring inverter setup (not WiFi setup)


If your GS inverter does not see this 1.1r2 update, set the Update Channel to "Rev.", exit the WiFi tab (back to Out screen), and power cycle the inverter with the power button.  Should "find" it.

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