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Okay, i have a question for somebody who might deal with these things.


What is a Jin Pole, as you may know, I'm blind so, I need somebody to explain to me about what it is.


I have a WT up 30ft at the moment, on three 10ft 1:7/8 Pipe and have no issues, with the guide wires at the connection of the first two poles.


Anyhow.  I am fixing to redo it and go roughly 60ft, useing a in ground shoehorn rebar cage and double the guide wires.  One of the items in the kit I've seen is something called a jin pole and I can not visualized how it is used, as I know its used to lift the pole up, but is it attached to the main pole or to the ground or what.



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They can be used when first starting to build a tower to get the first unit up. The gin pole has to sit higher than the unit to be installed with the block and tackle needing to also be included in the height. Once the first section is up, the gin pole goes up to the top of the first section and lifts the second one up. Gin pole is normally guy wired so that it cannot move sideways.

The US Army on the generator cars they built for the USAF used a winch on the braced gin pole to raise the mast for the connection to the 3 phase power lines. You could barely lift the gin pole into place and the mast was impossible to raise any other way. All of it stowed in a box on the roof of the car.

You can see the bottom of the Gin Pole and mast in this picture. http://rr-fallenflags.org/steamtown/gcrm89441amh.jpg

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