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  1. Think I might of figured it out. Might be going into power save when fridge & mini split have no load? Guys & Gals Happy Thanksgiving BTW!
  2. So this has been happening about a week now. If I go to my tiny house/mancave in the morning there is no lights or power. I check the inverter no alarms. I sign into WiFi link & no alarms there & see it switched off, I click “on” everything starts up. Any ideas what can be going on?
  3. Sent you a msg Sid. Not looking for money I have enough with current job.
  4. Yeah I forgot about that. Continue the great work guys! & I wouldn’t mind taking an application for a J.O.B.😁
  5. Sorry to bring this back to life but I would like to see this aswell. Like the mpp inverter, I know gs already beats it by true output but if can figure out a hybrid inverter setup all in one unit.( were the panels hook straight up to charge or gti
  6. So I’m trying to figure out how to wire a dump load for the turbine. To were it will disconnect the battery charge & just dump from the turbine straight to resistor, instead of dumping from the batteries micro cycling them. Any ideas maybe have to look into remote breakers or something.
  7. Oh dang yeah I’ll be saving up money for some GS then.
  8. @Sid Genetry Solari have a question what would be the max continuously power outta my pj? 12k-10k? My all time high peak wattage was 15k & some change( I have wiser energy monitor system). When are those 12k coming out?
  9. Hi Sean, do you have a link for them? I don’t see them on the site.
  10. Big update on wind production. The thermodyne is up! Had to cut out the old pipe for 1/2 inch bigger pipe. But should be worth it. Now I will build a delta configuration axial flux turbine for a second turbine. Will be using 15gauge magnetic wire…
  11. It’s the AS9. I need to tape the tags to the case so I don’t lose them
  12. Well once I do get everything ready, I’ll be changing out the inverter to y’all’s for sure. I like everything about y’all’s: rhe daisy chain, true output, efficiency, the WiFi board, the list just goes on not to forget the service & support! You guys Rock Sean & Sid.
  13. Just like that magic on a og version 9 PJ. Mind is blown.
  14. It can be once u do put out the update.
  15. Yes that would be neat. I & many others would totally love that
  16. Should I update mine yet? I’m really liking this now I can see my battery voltage anywhere now. Awesome!
  17. Thoughts on Patreon or Discord apps? If y’all do get rid of this forum, which I hope not because I just got here lol.
  18. Wind tower extending up( alarm siren is to Alert the winch is activated) 683BFE71-86C8-4CEA-9C7C-F36EF67E8AC6.MOV
  19. Picture of the wind tower.(not all the way extended up) wind turbine was a Chinese 500watt with mw&s raptor blades. It did an average 200watts an hr & yes it actually did produce 500 for a sec in really bad storm wind gusts. New turbine is a thermodyne that I’m currently in process of welding a bigger pole for it.
  20. Solar array pics. 6 in series. Think I might rewire 3s2p in future. 4 in series on rooftop & actually 2 under window that go to a grid tie only.
  21. & currently I have one mid nite 250 for one array & msb on another array. My WIND production i was sending power straight to the batteries(but that was when I had agm now I have lithium ion) with a mechanical relay & controller dumping over voltage in batteries. I don’t wanna hook that up to my new lithium ion.
  22. Yea I do understand that but MSB don’t have a wind charge controller. Mid nite works on all systems & has a built in power curve table for the TSR for wind. & also has aux to trigger a relay for dump loads. I’m already down to buy a GS inverter when time comes just getting all my ducks in a row first.
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