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  1. 3 # 3-0 wires would handle that. How about soldering and crimping terminals on one end then strip the length needed plus the extra for the same terminals on the other end. Then insert in a 2" copper pipe. Compress the pipe till almost flat keeping the bundles loose on the end without the terminals yet. Crimp and solder on the terminals. Finish compressing the pipe. Solder the pipe full at the ends. That would give you a buss bar with 3 terminals on each end and just about equal the size you mention. I'm about to have to worry about the same sort of thing because the batteries to be delivered tomorrow can output 200 Amps per cell normally and they are in 7S3P configurations. And the idea is to use all four of them in parallel. If a string shorts, they can put out between 300 and 400 Amps per cell. That means between 900 and 1200 Amps per battery. I intend to solve that problem by fusing them for no more than 100 Amps each battery and then the buss itself at 300 Amps. Depending on what I find, I might change them to 7S4P units times 3 to save space as the single cell packs should be the same thickness as the doubles from looking at the pictures. They are SPIM08HP 3.7V 8AH 200A Lithium Ion Cells. And these are what I had in mind when I ordered my order of Sid's balancers.
  2. Funny how Funny how we all seem to be good at blowing up PJ products. With the 4 glued cores, would it have been able to take more turns to lower the no load? Or would it just as likely become a heating element? What about two cores in series on the same wires?
  3. Then we would get hit with the other problem. Daytime temps are in the upper 90s. Often we get hit with a double whammy of temps and humidity. At 2030 tonight it is 81 with a 75% humidity. We run a dehumidifier in the house along with the A/C. Up to 3 gallons a day come out of the dehumidifier. The A/C unit often has a stream of water instead of dripping.
  4. Mine will likely be coming back for that board and a status check of things inside. And a new set of fan grills. Mine are already starting to rust which also happened early on with the PJ/UPower ones. You and Sean might see some other things inside that the humidity will have affected. 97% humidity right now which may end up doing things to the board or components. ( Told you it was Damp down here ) The MingHe boost controllers have about a 6 month life because of it so my unit is a good test for humidity affects.
  5. What will be the upgrade route for those who have an A or B version? Do we need to ship the unit back?
  6. Mine runs from mid 70s to nearly 100°. And the same for humidity. Current is 77° and 98% humidity.
  7. Has someone been snooping around my house? 😉 I used a step-up/step-down transformer when running the modified square wave or the Reliable 3k sine wave just to make starting the fridge easier. Never tried it with the U-Power ( PJ ) one to see what would happen. As the transformer is a toroidal one it didn't care about the wave form in.
  8. Waterman

    Hey Sid!

    Another job for your Linux skills. Hack the code to get the user password. 😜
  9. So the largest US nuke plant, not the world's. I live within 15 miles of the US's 6th largest Nuke plant and it soon will be the 3rd largest nuke plant in the US if they get on with the construction. Yours does have another distinction, the only one cooled by treated sewage.😉
  10. You live in Japan?
  11. Take the second highest ADU and double it and that is ours. Comes out to about 8 dollars a day though.
  12. So does that mean I need to ship it back?
  13. I wonder if I should try my Warp Server Beta in one of my laptops. 😁
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