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  1. Last night when I used the pressure cooker I had to restart it and the code was transformer volt
  2. No load it’s 0 600-800 watt it’s around 80 Ac pass through is 25 it won’t charge because the batteries are at 51v since I got 15kwh of solar today
  3. It happens randomly sometimes but most of the time it’ll happen when I connect shore power
  4. This is what’ll happen sometimes.
  5. Oh i am too. Currently I’m using 12 138Ahr agm batteries out of a hospital backup system. I believe I generate enough power to add a 4th bank. I use that victron dc-dc charger to keep 2 house/starting batteries charged at all time. Victron makes some really cool stuff. I have the panels run series parallel configuration, generally running at about 100-110 volts down to the 48v banks.
  6. Lucky I’ve been generating 13-16kwh of solar every day so in a perfect world charging won’t really be necessary
  7. How high should I set the bulk charge to with the agms?
  8. I didn’t have time to mess with it yesterday. Not sure if it’s a coincidence or not but it did have the problem after I changed some of the charge settings. I just lowered the bulk charge down to 48.8 volts, float is matching my victron charge controller at 55.2 maybe I’ll lower that too
  9. When ac mains are hooked up. Inverter is working fine unplugged . I went to plug it in and it shut off. If I turn it on with it plugged in it turns on for a second ( I hear the rv transfer switch switch on then off) the only thing I notice that’s changed is it’s changed over to absorption charge
  10. The new thing it’s doing now is showing a transformer error , the first time it did it was when the ac with a 6000 watt surge kicked on. Unplugging the shore power And resetting it cleared the error. I have it running in inverter only now.
  11. LOL I don’t really care it has an ignore button 🤣 does an admin need to do that?
  12. I had a really enlightening and productive conversation with SID about my issues and we have solved all of them. What a intelligent and awesome guy! I love this inverter.
  13. Originally it said like 350 or something until i changed it
  14. It’s 247v on the meter and I can only select a calibration of 226 or 270 something
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