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  1. Sean, Sid, All - I received my GS6000 and now I am about to install it on my bus conversion. The system is comprised of: CHARGING: 220V 50A Shore Power Input (which will have a surge/ RV outlet test device later) 3400W 220V 30A generator feed ( does not have automatic start capability). May later change it for an auto-start Genny started by the inverter 12 x 315W REC Poly Panels as 3 x 2s2p and 3x MakeSkyBlue 60A Charge Controllers, max 20A per string, fused at 30A BATTERY: Qty 16 EVE 280Ah LiFEPO4 cells for a nominal 48V bank at 280 Ah. I intend to run cells with BMS between 2.7V and 3.5V for cell protection, so the battery bank will run between 43.2V and 56V normally. I have top balanced these and they are sitting in parallel at 3.593V for the moment. I will be cutting and flattening 3/4" Copper Pipe to build DIY high current bus bars to put them in series. I will be compressing the cells with end plates and all-thread with thick plastic dividers between cells to avoid shorting should the wrapping of the cells rub thin. Daly 200 Amp BMS on (-) side, closest to battery Victron SmartShunt 500A with Bluetooth on (-) side connected to BMS Heavy Duty Battery Shutoff Switch on (+) side of battery between battery and bus-bar 5/16" terminal Bus Bars (+) and (-) 4 post each 250A Fuse holder and 250A Fuse on (+) side LOAD CENTERS: 1 Square D 8-slot to distribute Shore and/ or Genny Power to Inverters with outlets that will work without the inverter and battery when shore power/ Genny is on. Will lock-out Shore Vs. Genny Manually or Shore Line will be adapted to plug into the Genny when it is needed. 1 Square D QO 24-slot 100A Subpanel for outlets/ circuits fed from batttery bank through the inverter - Fed with 2 separate 110V Legs to be able to do 220V Understanding household electric but having never done a solar setup before, I have lots of questions and would benefit from more documentation/ a diagram for this setup. Questions: Maximum wire gauge/ terminal/ ferrule that can be accommodated on the GS6000 Inverter's various connectors? Breaker size on the load center for the GS6000 input at 220V - What size? I was thinking a 220V/50A for startup surges from A/C or other heavy duty loads? Should I connect all three MSB 60A controllers to the common bus bars with the GS6000 and batteries? or do I connect these individually to the GS6000 Inverter/Charger which then allows the current to flow through to the batteries? What all should be attached to the Chassis Ground? The aluminum of the solar panels will be in contact with the frame of the bus via the steel rack I am building for them. Of course the automotive systems including the start batteries for the diesel engine operate at 12V DC and are of course chassis and engine connected on the (-) side. I have started a drawing to figure out the system connections. I can't figure out how to add it here but I will email it to you, Sean. ANY AND ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED! I want to do this correctly and safely. Thanks! Larry Playlist for my bus conversion project:
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